Piercing Therapy
Piercing Aftercare & Maintenance


 Organic Piercing Therapy, is the all natural approach to healing piercings. This piercing aftercare product absorbs quickly allowing the piercing to breath and expell toxins. Our blend of organic bontanicals were specially formulated to not only work at as antiseptic ingredients with antibactierial purposes, but to prevent scarring, and keep the piercing nourished during the healing process.

 Our team traveled first hand to co-operative and farms across the world to ensure our ingredients are of the highest quality, and not mixed with any fillers. We test our solution at a government regulated, third party, GMP facility to ensure it is free of any bacterial substances, and impurities, and then the solution is nitroflushed and packaged in a dark amber glass to ensure stability and shelf life of the natural product.

Organic Piercing Therapy not only works as a piercing aftercare product, but serves as a healing solution for piercings that you are ready to take out and begin closing up. The organic ingredients not only speed up the healing process, but prevent scarring while keeping holes moisturized.

Piercing Tips

  • Do not touch the body piercing or rotate jewelry during the healing period.
  • Do not take it out. Body piercings may take many months to completely heal.
  • Do not let the body piercing com in contact with another person’s bodily fluids.
  •   Never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or hand soap; may cause damage.
  •   Products that contain petroleum are not recommended.
  •  Avoid hot tubs and public pools until the piercing is completely healed.
  •   Reduce the intake of alcohol, caffeine and aspirin during the healing period.
  •   Avoid alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, spicy foods with a new oral piercing.
  •   Avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds, oils and lotions.
  •   Tight fitting clothes may irritate a new piercing.
  •   Practicing good hygiene helps during the healing period.